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Navigators Council

Navigator’s Council
A Marriage Journal

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The Marriage Journal (Navigator's Council) is both a weekly journal and a weekly rhythm for your marriage. The foundation of the journal is 6 questions that you will ask each other, and record your answers to, once a week. We use one (1) journal and take turns writing week by week. 

Each week also includes a devotional to help foster good conversation. There is a weeklong calendar page for you and your spouse to communicate about events, appointments, social gatherings, and big to-do's in the upcoming week.

We hope that you will take this commitment as a step towards a better than average marriage.

Note: If you are international (outside the U.S.) ask your local post office if there will be a import fee when you go to pick it up. 

    Quality Details
    • Hardback Journal for comfortable usability 
    • 6x9 Hardcover Journal
    • Matte Cover
    • 52 week Workbook Style Layout

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    A Marriage

    Share your heart, and understand theirs.
    6 weekly questions for navigating marriage.

    Navigators Council will:

    • Create a healthy rhythm of communication
    • Encourage you with weekly devotionals
    • Show you how to better love your spouse
    • Offer clarity on your spouses needs and wants
    • Inspire honesty and transparency
    • Prevent bitterness and foster forgiveness
    • Help you discern big decisions and dreams
    • Keep you on the same page and set clear expectations
    • Deepen your intimacy
    • Record the growth of your love


    Connect with your spouse through weekly discussion.


    Be a student of your spouse, and learn how to love them better.


    Pray for each other and your marriage.


    A review of where you’ve been and where your headed.

    How it Works

    52 Weeks - Once A Week - Every Week

    Navigators Council is a weekly journal, and a weekly rhythym for your marriage. We use one (1) journal to write in and take turns writing week to week. (one journal / couple)

    Each week you will...

    • Read a message of encouragement
    • Fill out your weekly calendar
    • Ask each other 6 questions and record your answers
    • End your time in prayer

    Our Hope For You

    As we reflect on our old entries, we smile at what this journal has prevented us from, and the standard it has held us to. Navigators Council is a call to reconciliation, a burning away of bitterness, and a revelation of truth. It has protected our marriage from sin, hurt, lies, attack, and poor communication.

    Our prayer for you is that this Navigators Council journal would do all that and more for your marriage. We hope that someday you will have a bookshelf full of Navigators Council journals that have strengthened and recorded the growth of your love.

    Whether you are newlywed, or you’ve been married for 30 years, we believe our Navigators Council journal will transform your marriage and deepen your oneness. We hope that you will take this commitment as a step towards a better than average marriage.

    - Jer & Auj

    Discuss. Dream. Deepen your love. Start today.